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Thursday 5 June 2014

Gentlemen, we are at war.

Yesterday, a bizarre communication was intercepted. It contained information on what is believed to be an advance of an invading army...

The Martian Front is no longer quiet - I got my email yesterday from Alien Dungeon to let me know that the first wave of my Martian goodies are on their way! By coincidence the film was on the telly yesterday evening - albeit the Spielberg version, which I must admit to quite liking.

It sounds like I'll be getting the plastic kits and infantry but will have to wait a little while longer for the Thunderchild 2 and a few other add ons to arrive.

If the US Land Ironclad is anything to go by, I'd best start making some room...

At the moment I am up to my eyeballs in old Citadel Orcs and Goblins in preparation for a massive Warhammer Siege game for this year's Oldhammer Weekend in August. Once I have that under my belt I envisage a summer holiday full of tank and tripod assembly and painting - and who knows a game some time in September?

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