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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

All Quiet on the Martian Front...

... well until its all shipped out in December!

All images courtesy of Alien Dungeon

Welcome aboard to those of you who have found your way across the gulfs of cyberspace. I thought I'd set this new blog up to while away the time until I get my hands on all the goodies from the hugely successful Kickstarter campaign Alien Dungeon ran to get their new game, All Quiet on the Martian Front, off to a flying start.

The game, as you will probably already know, carries on the story of H G Wells' classic alien invasion story, War of the Worlds, with a second Martian invasion of Earth. The action this time centres on the embattled America of 1914 - weary from six years of war with the Martian Invaders. Elsewhere only Europe, Japan, the Pacific Islands, Southern Asia and India remain free of Martian occupation.

It is a world where coal and steel offer Man the best hope of fighting for survival. Steam powered tanks and Naval guns, along with more exotic weaponry like Tesla's Lightning Gun make up much of the US army's arsenal.

Meanwhile their major ally, Great Britain heeds the call to arms and sends relief in the form of the BEF. Newly risen from the ruins of the first Martian attack, Britain enjoys stronger ties with the US thanks to the aid that came pouring across the Atlantic and which facilitated such a quick recovery. However, the suspicious and envious European Powers, slow to aid Britain in her hour of need and fearful of her new found technological might, gleaned from the Martian machines left behind from the first invasion, should not be ignored. Who knows to what purpose France and Germany have entered into an arms race with Great Britain...

The Martians of course wield the terrible heat ray from atop their near impregnable Tripods. Chemical and biological weapons also feature in the form of Black Dust and Green Mist. Reports are also filtering in from the Front, of Martian-controlled Humans, or Zombie troopers, as well as the smaller Drone and Hover Drones.

So that's the game setting and major players that have been revealed so far. However, excitingly there are still the other European Powers and Japan to look forward to, as well as the forces of Venus and the Moon as the Great interplanetary War widens in scope!

So what's next for the blog?

Over the coming months I hope to look at H G Wells' classic tale and its many and varied offshoots, re-imaginings and "sequels", as well as combing through his other works that feature such things as Land Ironclads and the like. Perhaps I might even delve into other fictional versions of Mars and explore how it has featured in popular culture over the decades.

I'll also be keeping an eye out for any other developments from Alien Dungeon relating to All Quiet on the Martian Front, looking at the miniatures and rules in more detail. As 15mm is a new scale to me, searching out good sources of scenery will also be a high priority.

Until next time stay frosty!


  1. Such fun stuff.
    I tried to resist this kickstarter, since it was a bit more expensive than some others I've backed, but as it got closer to the end, seeing the extras, the chance to get some of the larger tanks at a reduced price (I love the Goliath!) my resistance crumbled and I went in. Big. The local gaming group is pretty set in 28mm and do a lot of VSF, but I'm guessing I'll not have much trouble convincing people to push lead & plastic around when I get the armies. The rules look good: simple with a lot of tactical options and the variety of troop types is nice.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with this!

    1. Likewise - glad to hear you succumbed in the end!

      I also ended up going in at a much higher level than I'd originally intended. The Goliath is very cool but thanks to Jeff Wayne and his musical I had to go for Thunderchild II!

      I just want to get hold of a harvester as I couldn't quite squeeze it in this time round so hopefully there might be an option to add some more add-ons later...

  2. AHHH, Thantsants, NO!!! I love this stuff too, but I can't possibly get into another miniature realm!!! Please don't tempt me by starting a blog that I know will be just as inspirational and as dangerous as your other!!...Looking forward to enjoying this new adventure of yours...

    1. Come on in Private - take a load off the old tentacles, pour yourself a nice cool glass of pulped Human, make yourself as comfortable as you can in with the thicker atmosphere and higher gravity and enjoy!

  3. Ah, excellent! You've fallen for this big style, j'approve. I, like yourself, love the War of he Worlds setting and I was pretty much euphoric when I saw what Alien Dungeon were doing.

    I went in huge on this, but there's a pile of models I still want to pick up when the pledge manager comes out, harvester included. It's a new scale for me too, so scenery and such needs sourcing. The AQ Facebook page posted some links 15mm buildings, and for period civilian vehicles I must look into. A brave new world...

    1. Full Assault plus Thunderchild II for me - that was as high as I could push it with the wife! I figured that with all the freebies and perhaps a few more sneaky add-ons further down the line that little lot should give me the flexibility to field appropriate forces for all kinds of scenarios - which is another thing I intend to think about on the blog and why I'll be needing a Harvester for hovering those Human Prey up with.

      I'll have to check their Facebook page out, although I'm not a big Facebooker I have to admit - seems to be a thread on the forum on the subject too.

      Me-thinks cheaper the better for buildings although there is some rather nice stuff out there. I think details like period cars, telegraph poles and the like will really bring the table alive. Looks like I may need to start frequenting model railway shops...

    2. This might tickle your fancy, 15mm period vehcicles:

  4. As I have a WotW board game in the offing I shall be watching this Wellsian blog closely! Hoping to get prototypes of Tripods! printed by september and will post pics when I do. Might even get some Alien Dungeon tripods to put in my copy, my own tripod model is nearly sculpted and ready for painting. Great stuff.

    1. Cheers Fimm - can't wait to see your tripods!